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Moving a home is a heartfelt experience. You are leaving a place filled with beautiful memories. It’s equally stressful whether you’re moving locally or internationally. However, moving to a new country obviously adds more pressure that nothing should be left behind due to the cost factor.  In any case, looking after everything on your own is expected to be more a miss than a hit. And you definitely don’t want to mess up your move.



We truly understand that you wouldn’t want to see anything damaged, lost or left behind for your house move. That’s why we are here to make it an experience you’ll cherish for life.

With Gen Mover, you’ll get a smooth and hassle-free home move. Not only we look after all your items as if they are our own, we ensure your stuff reaches the new destination safe and sound. For your move we create a personalization plan so all stages including packing, loading, unloading, disassembling and organizing your belongings at the new place is immensely smooth. Our team has experts for looking after all aspects of your move. Just know that your items are in safe and experienced hands.

How do we move your home? 

    • Upon receiving an online quote, call or an email from you, we schedule a call or meeting with you depending on your interest in booking the service
    • We arrange a visit to your house to look at all the items first hand so we can create a personalized plan for you
    • While taking a tour of your house, we discuss how to carry out different stages of the move, particularly the packing phase so nothing seems chaotic
    • Once all the terms are agreed upon, we arrive at your place as per schedule and load all items in the lorry
    • Our experienced drivers transport everything to your new destination and our team even help with organizing and setting up your home if you choose from

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