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International Movers Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru

Moving a little away from your existing place is a hectic task for you. Then consider about moving to a new country, how difficult and frustrating it can be. International move is no doubt tiring and stressful. It may get overwhelming due to the large number of details to look at. No matter how excited you feel on moving a new place, meeting new people and starting a new life style, stress comes over. However, now you can just enjoy and get thrilled about the new experience.



Wondering how? Gen Mover will make your experience effortless, hassle-free and efficient for you. Our expert and specialized staff are trained to manage all the important aspects of your move. You just enjoy your move and leave your tension on us. Right from the first step of documentation to the last step of stepping inside your new home in a new country, Gen Mover is there with you. Your move will be carried out with professionalism, reliability and care.

Our services include:

Depending upon what items you need to move, we are available to carry out the transportation through the following routes.

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Road transport

 How do we support you?

  • After you express interest to book us, we create a detailed and personalized plan so that all the aspects of your move are handled without a glitch
  • Most important aspect of international move is of passport and visa processing so we work on it efficiently so that your documentation is done beforehand. For this purpose all your necessary documents would be required to start the immigration process
  • Our experienced staff will thoroughly examine the items to be moved so that they
    are packed accordingly
  • Once your items are packed they are then transported through the most appropriate
  • Upon reaching your destination, our staff in the new country helps you in organizing
    the items at your new place whether an office, home or a factory

If you’re looking for a hassle free international move then call us or email us at right now.

We are looking forward to serving you.