Lorry Rental Malaysia

Lorry Rental Services Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru

Having the right type and size of lorry is crucial to a successful move. The most important aspect is the ease of loading and unloading items. Plus how large and spacious the lorry is matters equally. Not only your stress level drops to a bare minimum, you get a feeling of peace that your items will be safe as soon as you get an ideal lorry.



Gen Mover brings a wide range of vehicles that you can easily rent out. The lorries we have are well-maintained so you never need to worry about your items getting damaged due to any maintenance issue with the vehicle.

We bring the following custom designed lorries to meet your requirements.

  • Bonded container box lorry with and without tail lift
  • Bonded lorry without tail lift having all side doors
  • canvas type lorry with tail lift

With our trained team members, you can easily receive guidance on which lorry will be the best for your items. Once you choose the lorry, we assign the most suitable driver for your route.

A few other elements can also help you renting out the most suitable lorry.

  • Rental cost – Ask about how much renting out a particular lorry will cost you. Point is that it should be reasonable enough based on your route and the items you want to move.
  • Lorry’s type and size – is the lorry spacious enough to contain all your items without causing any damage to them. We offer a range of vehicles to suit your needs.
  • Lorry’s condition – a well-maintained lorry is all you need to move your items safely. Have a test drive with us to ensure we are keeping the vehicles up to the standard.
  • Vehicle’s driver – The driver should not only know the road network but should also drive smoothly so none of your items get damaged. We ensure the best driver is available for transporting your items.
  • Duration and number of rounds – For how long you would need to rent out the lorry and how many rounds it would take. With us you get the ideal lorry that would require minimum rounds or we provide another one to transport all your items in one go.

Interested to book a lorry with us?

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