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One of the most exhausting things when moving a house, factory, or a company is packing every single item and putting them appropriately into the boxes. The more the number of items, the more hectic and worrisome packing seems. Because you obviously have a large variety of things to pack and move.



No matter what you want to move, the packing material must be good enough to withstand the bumpy roads and unexpected weather conditions. Also all stages of your packing need to be well-organized. We truly understand that all items can’t be wrapped in blankets. Each item needs to be packed with proper material.

As your trusted movers and packers Gen Mover is here to ensure that your items are packed in a professional and protective way. We have all the required material to pack your items. We never use low-quality boxes to pack your things. Our packing material includes shock-resistant sheets, water-resistant boxes, pads, and other wrapping stuff.

What do we cover?

We are expert in packing the items in your house, factory, warehouse, or office. Also, our services cover the international move and bulk disposals. Whether you want to pack yourself or let us take the entire responsibility, we are here to support you.

Here’s how we support you

We can pack your most challenging items several hours or days ahead of time. Moving further we can support you to unpack your items when your schedule involves reaching your destination early morning or late night. Or we can offer partial packing support – we pack some items, you pack the rest.

Below is how the process goes:

  • When you send us an online quote, we follow-up via call to understand the level of packing support you need.
  • After agreeing on timelines (or visiting your place), we plan out the packing of your items.
  • The packing day also involves tagging all the boxes so you can easily track the items at the time of unpacking. We also recommend going ahead with room-wise tagging.

No matter what option you choose, we are here to serve you.

If this sounds like a deal, book us as your movers and packers right away.