Office Movers Malaysia

Office Movers Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru

It is not wrong to say that moving your office to a new location can be a big time stress. After all, you wouldn’t like to lose or see a single item damaged during the transportation process. That’s why you need a well-organized move to ensure each and every office item; no matter how large or small must remain intact in all stages of your move. Also, you can’t employ all of your staff to carry out the move because your business must run as usual.



We know how hectic it is to transfer an entire office to a new destination while ensuring
none of your valuable items get lost or damaged.

That is why Gen Mover is here to help you. For 10 years, we have been helping small and large companies to move their items to new destinations both locally and internationally. From your office file to modern furniture all way up to heavy machinery, our team skillfully transports them for you.

Your TV sets, mirrors, LCD/LED screens, paintings, wallpapers, and other fragile items are always safe with us. Furthermore, we know that the machines like workstations and computer servers are very sensitive. Even a small drop of water can hamper their functionality. That is why we take precautionary measurements to safeguard them through the most appropriate packing material. Your entire cubicles will be moved safely when you choose to hire us.


How do we move your office?

  • When you send us an online request, we schedule a meeting with you in order to understand your moving requirements
  • We visit your place to plan your move and agree on timelines.
  • After that we create a personalized moving plan and assign a project manager or team leader for your move
  • According to the timelines, our team starts packing your items and load them on the vehicle
  • Your items are then transported to your new address. If you choose, we can help you in arranging your stuff at your new office.

So, what are you waiting for?

Call us now or email us to book your next office move.