Refrigerated Truck Rental Malaysia

Refrigerated Truck Rental Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor Bahru

Moving perishable items is not an easy task. It’s quite different from moving things that can withstand extreme weather conditions. To safely move items like fruits, vegetables, medicines etc. so they stay fresh throughout transportation, you can’t depend on just any other vehicle. Instead you need a customized vehicle i.e. a refrigerated truck.



If you are looking to move items that need adequate environmental conditions so they don’t degrade then company name is your ideal moving partner. We offer the most suitable temperature controlled truck that will move you items anywhere across the globe.

What do we help you move in a refrigerated truck?

  • Perishable food items like vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs like vaccines, insulin, surgical items etc.
  • Personal care products like perfumes, cosmetics, makeup etc.
  • Artwork such as paintings, sculptors etc.We ensure that a cool environment is in place for these items to be moved.

How do we ensure a safe move?

  • When you call us or send us an online quote, we schedule a meeting with you to get specific details about the items you want to move.
  • We pay a visit to your place if needed.
  • Once the terms are agreed upon we arrive at your place to pack and load items in the truck.
  • From there we transport them to the destination.

Still on the fence?

Just call us or email us at to get your items moved. We’ll answer all your questions.