Tailgate Lorry Rental Malaysia

Tailgate Lorry Rental Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor Bahru

Moving that one piece of heavy equipment is definitely a cause of concern. Loading such a huge item into any type of lorry isn’t simple. At the same time, it’s important that your equipment, piece of delicate yet huge item like sculptors, other art pieces or musical instrument like a piano should get damaged at all while being loaded and unloaded.



So what the solution?

None other than renting out a tailgate lorry instead of going ahead with any type of lorry.

Make the process of moving your gigantic items from your home, office or any other place easy and simple with Gen Mover. We provide a range of tailgate lorries that can easily load heavy items in a matter of a few minutes. The steel boards attached at the back of the lorry let’s any items easily scroll from the outside into the vehicle. The best part? Such types of lorry removes the need to hire a crane or anything similar to lift the items. So it’s easily a cost reduction in most cases.

Choose to move the following items with our wide range of tailgate lorries

  • Machinery
  • Surgical machines and equipment
  • Commercial freezers
  • Canopy tents
  • Air conditioners
  • Garden machinery
  • Pianos

And a lot more!

How to rent out the Tailgate Lorry?

  • Send us an email or express your interest in renting out a tailgate lorry through asking for an online quote.
  • After we receive your requirements, We’ll follow up with a call to gather more details if needed. Once you confirm the booking, we will assign a suitable driver to carry out your move along with a trained team of movers to load your items into the lorry.
  • At the scheduled date and hour, we will load items into the lorry and finally we are all set to drive. If you require we can also extend support to organize the items at your destination.

Call us today to rent out the tailgate lorry. Or email us at enquiry@relocationservicesmalaysia.com.