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Perhaps, the very last thing you want to do, when you are planning to relocate from Penang to Kuala Lumpur is deciding to do it yourself. Although it may seem, like a good idea at first, when you get deeper into planning and preparation, you will see for yourself, that you’ve put too much on your shoulders. Whether it’s your company’s office or your family’s house, it’s never simple and takes a lot more time, than just a couple of hours. But, since we’re living in a wonderful time, you can always get a hold of a professional team of local movers that will be glad to provide you with somewhat cheap and reliable moving services. Especially, when it comes to hiring movers from PG to KL, because you’ll have to move to a different location in the country, not just to another part within the city. Plus, Kuala Lumpur is a rather large city and you don’t want to get lost in it on your way to the new location.

This is why you need us – Gen Mover. Our company is one of Malaysia’s top international movers with over ten years of amazing experience. We have worked with countless customers and each time they were happy with our service. All of this is because of our professionalism and dedication. We don’t want to just move someone’s things from one place to another, we want to do it perfectly. In order to achieve such incredible results, we’ve developed a system that takes care of each single detail of a relocation process.

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